We offer to give thanks for Dharma teachings; we offer to gain realizations on the Path; and we offer to counteract the negativity of miserliness.  Buddhism teaches us that any physical offering can be mentally transformed and multiplied into mandalas of the most precious items we can imagine.  Ultimately, it is our own mind that grows through this practice, depending on the strength of our visualization and our motivation.

Donate On-Line
(We use the service of CanadaHelps to receive online donations from all over the world. After making your donation by Visa or MasterCard, we will issue you a tax receipt by email.)

Donate By Mail
(We will mail you your tax receipt.)

On the practical level, the explanation of how donations (dhana)  are used is very simple:  donations, along with other monies received from fundraising events, are used to pay for expenses in running the Dharma centre.

Coming together to support Gaden Samten Ling financially and through Dharma service is vitally important, particularly as we look toward the day when we can build a much-needed bigger centre that is more suitable to the needs of our teacher, and current and future Dharma students.  While this is an important goal, each month our dhana and our Dharma service expresses appreciation for having a living example of compassion and wisdom here with us.

As Kushok explains, "In order to have a strong spiritual community we need to very strongly give our hand to the group, share our ideas, offer financial and material support, and participate in the group.  It is yourself who benefits the most from the karma of giving.  It will result in prosperity in this and future lives."

Equally important to financial donations is Dharma service.  Beyond money there are many other ways to benefit those around you.  Coming to practice and chanting mantras has immeasurable benefit for those in your community.  Volunteering time to help at the Dharma centre helps bring joy and foster community spirit.  Donating dharma books, videos, prayers, and other texts offers your fellow members the chance to learn about and practice the Buddhist philosophies to tame disturbing emotions.

Another beneficial and important opportunity for karma giving is our monthly Guru Puja.  Guru Puja is held at Gaden Samten Ling each full moon.  This is an opportunity for all of us to bring offerings of food to put on the altar to be blessed especially on that day.  Kushok has said to us that Guru Puja time is a wonderful opportunity to practice generosity.  As much as you give, you will receive that much.  In the law of karma, giving generously without expectation of return gives success.