Members Membership in Gaden Samten Ling is open to any person interested in supporting the vision and mission of our society and the good work being done at our Alberta Centre for Peace and Meditation. Our members are a culturally diverse collection of individuals from all walks of life spanning many age groups. There is a definite sense of "family" within the centre which helps foster camaraderie within the membership. [Individuals as young as 10 years old (accompanied by an adult) are welcome to come and attend the practices.]

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All individuals are treated with compassion and respect. There is no judgement. We celebrate differences and endeavour through our various forms of meditation practice to generate harmony between all people.

Member's Reflections on Gaden Samten Ling

Single Membership dues are $100.00 per calendar year. A Family Membership is $150.00 for the year. The membership year runs from January 1 to December 31. For new members only: if you are joining us later in the year (after April 1), a pro-rated fee is available. Please contact our Treasurer or President to discuss this option.

Becoming a member confirms your support for our vision and mission and gives you voting rights at the Society's Annual General Meeting and Special General Meetings as called. It also allows you to borrow material from our library (books, DVDs, videos, tapes) and receive notice of upcoming events. Your support is very much appreciated.