Membership Form
Membership Policy & Matrix
Members’ Code of Conduct

Any individual who has an appreciation for the activities of Gaden Samten Ling is welcome to apply to become a Society member. Membership facilitates a sense of belonging to a welcoming and comfortable place that supports your spiritual growth. Through becoming a society member, and taking advantage of the learning and service opportunities available to you, you can develop relationships both 1) with a uniquely qualified Spiritual Master who offers meaningful teachings to aid your personal growth and 2) with a community that is pursuing similar spiritual goals.

Membership is a way to express your support for our Society’s mission, vision, and values and its efforts to share the benefits of meditation with others. The Membership Policy and Matrix will help you determine which category of membership is the best fit. You can also discuss membership with Kushok or any of our senior members. As your interest and involvement grows over time, you will see that the Membership Matrix is dynamic and offers increasing privileges and responsibilities that suit your needs.

In addition to voicing support for our vision and mission, becoming a member gives:

  1. Lotus, Jewel, and Vajra members: discounts on retreats
  2. Jewel and Vajra members: borrowing privileges in our dharma library plus voting rights at the Society's Annual General Meeting and Special General Meetings

The membership year runs from January 1 to December 31. Membership will not be denied due to lack of funds. If you have difficulty paying the full fee, please email the President at president(at) to discuss alternative options.

Your support is very much appreciated.