GSL's Mission, Vision, and Values


Gaden Samten Ling aspires to evoke positive change in the human condition. We encourage individuals to develop compassion, tolerance and loving kindness for greater peace and harmony in society. We support this through instruction, study and practice of Tibetan Buddhist philosophy and meditation under the guidance of a qualified spiritual teacher.

Gaden Samten Ling preserves the cultural traditions of Tibet, the essence of which is Tibetan Buddhism. Drawing our strength from the Gelug lineage, we offer an oasis of serenity, joy and harmony inspiring individuals to cultivate inner wisdom and compassion in the ultimate quest for enlightenment.

Compassion - We recognize that all beings have the same wish for happiness. We strive to open our hearts, to be supportive, tolerant and kind.

Respect - We value respect on many levels: For each other, for our teacher and for the Buddha and his teachings.

Wisdom - We aspire to develop and apply higher spiritual wisdom in our every day conduct and behaviour.

Mindfulness - We are committed to increasing our awareness of our body, speech and mind in every moment.

Integrity - We are dedicated to act in an ethical and honest manner.


Gaden Samten Ling  
Tibetan Buddist Meditation Society

11403-101 Street, Edmonton, Alberta  T5G 2A9
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