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Gaden Samten Ling is a non-profit, human focused, volunteer driven organization.  Our mission is promoting the teachings and philosophy of Buddha to the community and to teach meditation to the public.  The primary objectives and purpose of this organization are to disseminate Tibetan Buddhist meditation theory, which promotes peace and harmony in the community.

Tibetan Buddhism represents one of the great traditions of spiritual and cultural attainment.  The highest and most profound teachings of Tibetan Buddhism are now facing extinction and it is Gaden Samten Ling's purpose to save the spirit of this knowledge.  It is our intention to preserve and to promote this sacred and profound knowledge for the benefit of all Albertans that seek it.

We embrace a balanced and pragmatic union of Buddhist philosophy with modern civilization in order to provide an exceptional level of meditation practice, study and research.  This organization follows the principles of the Gelug lineage of His Holiness The Dalai Lama.  Throughout its history,  Gaden Samten Ling has sponsored visiting venerable Tibetan Lamas to give teachings to the people of Edmonton.

Our mission includes helping to alleviate human suffering by promoting individual responsibility, promoting healing and providing charitable services to the community as directed by the principles of Tibetan Buddhism.  Donations and assistance given to the society go towards the improvement of services delivered to the community.  We do not charge for regular meditation and teaching sessions and do not discriminate in any form, including but not limited to, sex or race.

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As devout practitioners of meditation as taught by Tibetan Buddhism, Gaden Samten Ling believes that our community can greatly benefit from the practice of meditation.  Meditation offers a scientific path of self-introspection and wisdom, of not reacting with negativity and of cultivating positive mental qualities instead.  We believe that our service, under the guidance of certified and educated leader, can greatly help our community in realizing this goal.  We believe that our Dharma centre [Tibetan for teaching centre] benefits our community in threefold:

  • By helping to eliminate the mental defilements that cause us to do wrong, so that we do not add to the problems and suffering in our society; 
  • By helping us bear the stress of competitiveness, crowded or polluted environments, and (for those who are less fortunate) the seeming injustices of life; 
  • By giving us strength to serve and improve our society.

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